Competition WinsEdit

Season Houseguest Amount of Wins
1 Kevin 2 HoHs (Weeks 3, 5) 1 PoV (Week 3)
Colin 1 HoH (Week 1) 1 PoV (Week 6) 1 Other (Week 6)
David 2 PoVs (Weeks 1, 2)
Colin 1 HoH (Week 1) 1 PoV (Week 6)
Kaitlyn 2 PoVs (Weeks 4, 5)
Kyle  2 HoHs (Weeks 2, 7)
Leah 2 PoVs (Weeks 6, 7)

Head of HouseholdEdit

Season Competition Winner
1 "Minority Rules" Colin
"Morphation" Kyle
"Puzzle it Out" Kevin
"Lucky Leprechaun" Jade
"House Popularity" Kevin
"Big Brother Unscramblr" Nasia
"The Lovers of Big Brother Past" Kyle

Power of VetoEdit

Season Competition Winner
1 "Searching For Words" David
"Tape on the Wall" David
"Snake Trouble" Kevin
"Give it Up" Kaitlyn
"Recreating with Memory" Kaitlyn
"Tower of Greed" Colin
"Multitask" Leah
"Movie Critic" Leah


Season Competition Winner
1 "Hidden Power" Colin

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